Saturday, 24 August 2013

Daily Luxe - Chocolate Heaven

Sat 24 Aug

Some days your average chocolate bar is just not enough...

I love chocolate. So much so I've actually worked in the industry for over eight years. In that time I've tried a lot of chocolate, some good, some bad and some quite simply sublime.

Charbonnel et Walker fits into the sublime category. One of Britain's first chocolatiers, their chocolates are still handmade according to traditional recipes.

These chocolates are something that i ask for only on special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas as I see them as a real luxury to be savoured and enjoyed. 

That said, yesterday my hubby and I were walking through Leeds and came across a Charbonnel et Walker shop in the County Arcade that I hadn't known was there - the only shop outside of London - and seeing as it was our anniversary we decided to treat ourselves.

Their truffles, and in particular their champagne truffles, are renowned. I literally adore their Milk Marc de Champagne truffles and Pink Marc de Champagne truffles and I am yet to decide which is my absolute favourite!

But we also decided to try some new chocolates... A Bucks Fizz truffle, Sea Salt Caramel truffle (could be a contender for top three favourite truffle), Vanilla truffle, Dark Marc de Champagne truffle and more. The chocolates come beautifully packaged in handmade boxes tied with satin ribbon, and make a delightful box of delicious temptation.

Quite simply chocolate heaven!!

If you are a chocolate lover then they are well worth the money. Our box of 12 chocolates cost us a little over £14. Which is what makes these chocolates a luxury and not for your daily fix.

But there are also a whole range of box sizes and options on the Charbonnel et Walker website. Why not take a peek by clicking here!!  

Do you have a favourite chocolate treat? Please share!! I love talking about chocolate!!

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