Monday, 2 September 2013

Daily Luxe - Topshop's gorge new season Zebra dress

Mon 2nd Aug

This is the best-selling Topshop dress shape that has seen previous design incarnations sold out. Flattering to all figures, it's a great way to add some colour into your wardrobe.

What's more, it can be worn bare legged with sandals during the last remaining warm days of the year, and with tights and ankle boots once Autumn kicks in.

I've ordered mine and am waiting for it to be delivered this week, along with some looky likey Acne Pistol ankle boots. Hurry Mr Postman!!

Zebra Floral Tea Dress £45.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Last of the summer wine (or Pimms in my case)

Wow... I've just realised that there are only two full days of August left. Don't you think as soon as September hits that everybody starts to talk about Winter. The shops start to get their Christmas stock in and thats it... summer is long gone.
Playground fun at Stockeld Forest nr Wetherby
Therefore, I am determined to make the most of the last two days of August and "proper" summer. Here are a few things on my wish list before September hits...

1) Sit out in the evening drinking Pimms (ideally in a beer garden, but the back garden will suffice!)

2) Take the boys to the park to play in the sunshine

3) Wear pretty summer dresses with bare legs and sandals

4) Do something touristy in my hometown of York (maybe a boat ride down the river Ouse)

5) Go for a bike ride

6) Have one last trip to the beach to paddle in the sea, build sandcastles and eat ice cream followed by a Fish n Chips supper before heading home

Have you got any other ideas for summer fun? What do you want to do before the weather gets cold and Autumny... I'd love to hear!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Daily Luxe - Stackers Jewellery Box System

Sun 26 Aug

I don't know about you, but at the end of the day I always seem to find myself leaving my jewellery in an array places. Earrings left on my dressing table, necklace on the floor, watch in the bathroom...

I'd been looking for a jewellery stand to hold my jewellery for a while but couldn't seem to find anything that was practical rather than just for aesthetic purposes.

Then I came across Stackers. This jewellery box system was absolutely perfect for what I was looking for. Not only do the boxes look attractive, coming in a range of colours, but you can select your own combination of layers to suit the kind of jewellery you want to hold.

I thought it was a good Christmas gift to ask from the in-laws - well priced for its quality - and I've been really pleased with it ever since. And I LOVE being able to find where my jewellery is.. with both earrings together as a pair in one place!! No hunting around the house trying to locate the missing partner!!

This is the Stackers jewellery box set in Mink with just a selection of the variety of inserts available.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Daily Luxe - Mummy Mug by Emma Bridgewater

Sun 25 Aug

It may seem a simple thing, but every time I sit down to a cuppa I admire my beautiful red stars Mummy mug by Emma Bridgewater. It totally adds to the pleasure I get from my simple cup of (PG Tips or Yorkshire) tea.

Not only is a lovely mug, but of course I also love the fact it was a gift from my little boy for Mother's Day!

Having a mug thats just a little bit special whether its personalised, or has a beautiful design or a fabulous caption (I also have a mug which says "Today is going to be a good day" - simple but I love the sentiment first thing on a morning when I'm pre-caffeine!!) that brings a smile to your face is just a little everyday luxury that I think we can all enjoy!!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The beautiful Holmfirth Vineyard

Yesterday we spent a wonderful afternoon at Holmfirth Vineyard for our 5th wedding anniversary.

I'd heard about the vineyard from a friend who had been on one of their wine tasting tours. At the time I was desperately looking for ideas for a birthday present for my husband (who is a nightmare to buy for as there is nothing he needs or wants yet would be highly offended if I didn't get him anything!). After googling the vineyard I decided to book us onto a winetasting tour and afternoon tea. Hubby loved it! Phew!

Our journey to Holmfirth was slightly fraught, after the hubby managed to scrape his car against a car park wall and then we didn't have the satnav so managed to get lost about five times. But as we approached the vineyard via a steep winding hill our stress levels quickly evaporated as we took in the stunning beauty of the Peak District hills before us.

The vineyard itself is also set on a pretty steep hill and the first stop on the tour is a walk around the vines with our tour guide Al. There are probably about 20 of us on the tour - couples of all ages, families and a few groups of girlfriends. Al knowledgeably tells us the history of the vineyard and talks us through the different grape varieties. His down to earth Yorkshire approach makes it feel fun and its easy to ask him questions without feeling silly!

Then its into the winery to discover how the picked grapes are turned into wine and bottled. And then the bit I think everyone was waiting for... the testing!! We try three different varieties all produced on site; each has a really fresh, clean taste and are very easy drinking. It feels really good to be drinking English wines.

Once all our questions are answered we move into the sleek restaurant for our afternoon tea. The room also takes in the stunning views through large windows. A glass of sparkling wine arrives first, followed by a selection of finger sandwiches and cakes and a pot of tea. All of which is delicious and we feel truly relaxed and spoilt.

We buy a bottle of wine (I let the hubby choose his favourite of the ones we tasted) to take home.

The tour and afternoon tea for two is what I think a bargain price - just £29.99. Our bottle of wine to take home is £14.99. There are other nice little gift ideas as well, including the chance to "adopt a vine"!

If you get the chance, go, its a very lovely way to spend the day!!

Daily Luxe - Chocolate Heaven

Sat 24 Aug

Some days your average chocolate bar is just not enough...

I love chocolate. So much so I've actually worked in the industry for over eight years. In that time I've tried a lot of chocolate, some good, some bad and some quite simply sublime.

Charbonnel et Walker fits into the sublime category. One of Britain's first chocolatiers, their chocolates are still handmade according to traditional recipes.

These chocolates are something that i ask for only on special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas as I see them as a real luxury to be savoured and enjoyed. 

That said, yesterday my hubby and I were walking through Leeds and came across a Charbonnel et Walker shop in the County Arcade that I hadn't known was there - the only shop outside of London - and seeing as it was our anniversary we decided to treat ourselves.

Their truffles, and in particular their champagne truffles, are renowned. I literally adore their Milk Marc de Champagne truffles and Pink Marc de Champagne truffles and I am yet to decide which is my absolute favourite!

But we also decided to try some new chocolates... A Bucks Fizz truffle, Sea Salt Caramel truffle (could be a contender for top three favourite truffle), Vanilla truffle, Dark Marc de Champagne truffle and more. The chocolates come beautifully packaged in handmade boxes tied with satin ribbon, and make a delightful box of delicious temptation.

Quite simply chocolate heaven!!

If you are a chocolate lover then they are well worth the money. Our box of 12 chocolates cost us a little over £14. Which is what makes these chocolates a luxury and not for your daily fix.

But there are also a whole range of box sizes and options on the Charbonnel et Walker website. Why not take a peek by clicking here!!  

Do you have a favourite chocolate treat? Please share!! I love talking about chocolate!!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Daily Luxe - New season handbag from Dorothy Perkins

Thurs 22 Aug

How gorgeous is this handbag?!

At first glance I thought it must be a new designer bag, but no, it turns out its actually part of the AW13 collection for good old Dorothy Perkins.

I for one can't wait to see it in store.

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